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Danielle Stroom

Functie         Financieel Adviseur
                     & RegisterExecuteur 

Adres            Sint Annalaan 21
                     6214 AA  Maastricht  
Telefoon      +31 6 12665762

Email            danielle@stroomfinance.nl

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Why Danielle Stroom Financial Advice

I have been active as a financial service provider since 2000. I am happy to use my extensive knowledge and experience to serve you.

You are assured of independent, transparent and expert advice. Whether this concerns your legacy, mortgage, insurance, loans or other financial questions. For me, you are central and not the lenders with whom I work. This means that you can come to me quickly and I will gladly take the time for you to provide you with optimum advice and to be of service. Personal attention, involvement and clarity are paramount. That way you know exactly where you stand. Moreover, I compare almost all lenders and insurance companies. This is in contrast to your bank, which only looks at its own products. 

The orientation interview is free, introduction is free of obligation.

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Ik help u graag met onderstaande vragen:

  • Which mortgage types can you choose ?

  • What are the conditions for a mortgage with a National Mortgage Guarantee ?

  • What is so good about a starters loan ?

  • What are the conditions for a starters loan?

  • Why choose a qualified mortgage adviser ?

  • Any other mortgage question.


Ik help u graag met onderstaande onderwerpen:

  1. Savings

  2. Investment

  3. Funeral

  4. Aftercare

My advice is always up to date. If your life changes, I will ensure that the advice is updated.


I can help you with the following insurances:

  • Incapacity for work

  • Private Insurances

  • Risk Insurances 

  • Damage  Insurances 

  • Business Insurances

  • Health Insurances

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Ik help u bij het afwikkelen van uw nalatenshap

As a surviving relative, you have to make choices. After death, there is an estate of assets and liabilities that is divided among the heirs.

Unfortunately, the settlement of an estate often leads to conflicts between the heirs.

De RegisterExecuteur zorgt voor een open en duidelijke afwikkeling.

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